Meet our team

Our team comes from a range of backgrounds, client focused, data focused (PhDs), some have worked in large corporates others only ever with small companies and startups. Here are some of our team members sharing what they do:


Missing Bin Administrator
I've worked at Retail Spotlight since the beginning, processing barcodes and descriptions of the hundreds of new products that come through shop tills each day. I give them a category, tidy up the descriptions, and find pack sizes. I also give the wholesaler descriptions a category.


Lead Software Engineer
I lead our awesome software engineering team, focusing on our SaaS platforms and making the lives of our analysts better! As well as working on our codebases, part of my role is to help our engineers learn & grow, as well as continuing to build our team.


Insight Analyst
Hidden amongst the billions of rows of our data are lots of really interesting insights. It’s my job to search around all that data until I find them. I then put them in clear and engaging reports to tell a compelling story for our clients.


Junior Full Stack Developer
Joining the team as Junior full stack developer, with the focus of developing our SaaS platforms. I mainly work on frontend but also dive into the backend expanding my knowledge in the field.


Back-end Developer
My role is to develop our backend codebases and implement new features into our SAAS platforms. This involves working closely with frontend developers to ensure our code works together effectively.


Data Analysis Manager
I have been with Retail Spotlight since the beginning and although I manage more than analyse these days, I still treat myself to a play with some data in an Excel spreadsheet from time to time. The Team work hard and every day is a school day, but there is time to have fun too. We have access to so much data and look for insights to help our clients to grow their business, identify changes in trends and anything unusual.


Administration Manager
I help deliver activation options in to convenience stores for a variety of brands, often liaising with numerous teams prior to a campaign, both internally and externally, to ensure everything runs smoothly. I also assist with the day to day management of some of our collaboration projects. I like to get things organised and support my colleagues by taking care of administration tasks.


Data Production Engineer
"Most awesomest, does all the things". Having working in the industry for almost 10 years and having started my career in support, I understand the needs and the reality of the retailers' world better than most. I am now in a position to use this knowledge alongside my technology skills to improve our understanding of the data available to us.


Data Scientist
I use both statistical science and retail industry knowledge to uncover solutions to business challenges


Finance Manager
Ok, someone has to count the beans, and it’s my job. I ensure staff and suppliers are paid and customers invoiced. Every month, I help the management team understand the financial performance of our business and at the end of the year, work with our external accountants to submit statutory reporting to companies house. Them beans don’t count themselves!


I lead an amazing team of analysts and engineers, building data platforms and analysing what is happening in the UK convenience retail sector.


CPD Administrator
My main responsibility is to update the specifications of the thousands of products in the Central Product Database so every item can have the correct and latest information about them.


Chief Technology Officer
I look after software engineering at Retailspotlight, and help our team of talented engineers build data ingestion and enrichment pipelines, data warehousing, and custom data platforms for customers.


CPD Administrator
My job is to ensure that every product type is assigned to a unique category/sub-category and to capture data such as Brand, Manufacturer, Pack Size and Flavour against the barcodes.


Insight Analyst
A substantive part of my role is to provide data to clients and brands to measure the success or failure of new/current products and campaigns. I also do deep dives into the data to find measurable trends and patterns.