About us

We are a data company squarely focused on retail data. We have started in the convenience sector; however, we have the team & capability to move into other areas where we can see value for our partners.

We process data down to transaction level, taking in billions of rows of data from a variety of data sources; handling the data exchange & standardisation with many data houses from thousands of retail sites.

Our team can tell you which products are doing well and which categories are thriving. Then by adding valuable context through categorisation, segmentation & addition of geographic, demographic, time of day and weather details, we help our partners and their clients get a more complete & richer picture of what is happening in their market.

We are a diverse team of people who have many years of experience of handling data from the convenience sector. We are here to help those involved in the supply of goods through this channel. We help manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other service providers.

Our Principles


Like every good company we know that our people are our biggest asset and our lifeblood. We value integrity and curiosity in our people, facing challenges as a team being inquisitive and constantly learning through them.


We understand our partners and their clients are people striving to do a good job for their organisation. Taking the time to listen and confirm to clients in order to get the outcomes that are required.

We pride ourselves on producing actionable insights for clients that have real-world applications and make a difference in their business. We don’t hide facts or smooth over data anomalies, we help you understand them.

Meet our leadership team

Peter Marriott

Peter has over 30 years' experience in the software industry delivering large scale performant data centric systems. He starting working in the retail data sector over 20 years ago and had worked as a consultant Data & Software Architect for many years before creating Retail Spotlight.

Julie Budnik-Hillier

Data Analysis Manager
Julie has worked with computers since she was 20, when they were worlds away from the machines we use now. She spent much of her career as an analyst, mainly in the electronics industry, before moving to the independent retail sector, which is an area she can really relate to. She has been with Retail Spotlight since the beginning, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experiences to manage the analysis team. Whilst she has been managing people since her 20’s, it was never the plan – but she does love being able to help others grow and succeed in the team, and beyond.

Stuart Greenhall

Chief Technology Officer
Stu is a senior technologist with a wide breath of experience in cloud native technologies, event driven architectures, legacy platform migration, and microservices. He has a track record for delivering digital experiences for some of the UK’s most recognised brands while coaching and leading teams in a wide range of technologies for over a decade.