Retail Spotlight

Convenience data solutions.

We  enable our partners and their clients to benefit from the powerful insights that can be gained from huge volumes of transaction data in retail. This enables our clients to:

  • Easily identify key trends and information
  • Make informed strategic decisions
  • Validate the impact of their decisions
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What we do

We are a services firm, working with our partners to provide...

Data Ingestion

We ingest data from thousands of different sources, unifying them into a single, cohesive & usable dataset

Data Enrichment

Adding value through categorisation, segmentation & addition of geographic, demographic and weather details

Actionable Insights

Our team of analysts interrogate the data for relevant and actionable insights for our clients

Direct Data Feeds

Delivering enriched data automatically to our clients' analytics teams for their own in-house analysis

Data Platforms

Providing scalable SaaS products to enable clients to explore and understand their data on demand

The Pinpoint Platform

Our Pinpoint platform provides on-demand customisable reports, that allow brands to understand their position in the market and identify insights that can be used to set their product & sales strategies.

Cloud-native, using serverless design patterns
Highly available and scalable data stores
Built & supported in-house by our development team

Here's what our partners say

"Retail Spotlight has been pivotal in our collective quest to unlock value within a vast data set. They operate in a modern, progressive, agile manner, and genuinely empathise with the end users and customers, which is critical to ensuring the products we collaboratively deliver truly help businesses to grow."
- Andrew Armer
Head Of Product, Thumbprint
"Retail Spotlight is an invaluable partner for us to run our business. Their analytical and technical expertise has allowed us to truly take advantage of our data, which has been a huge benefit to us and our clients."
- Gerry Hooper
Managing Director, In-Touch Group
Our partners

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